The Association of High Potential Enterprises of Korea,
The growth pacemaker of High Potential Enterprises

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The Association of High Potential Enterprises of Korea (AHPEK) took its first step as the Korean Businessmen Association in
1992. Since then, AHPEK has continuously endeavored to foster · develop High Potential Enterprises (HPEs) which are the
waist support of the Korean economy. At the end of 2013, the Special Act on Promoting the Growth of High Potential
Enterprises and Strengthening Their Competitiveness was passed by the National Assembly and in accordance with such act,
on July 22, 2014, AHPEK was officially launched as an exclusive legal economic entity to represent HPEs.

Thereafter, Distinguished & Longstanding Enterprise Center, M&A Center for HPEs, and HPE Research Institute were esta
blished to aggressively pursue multifaceted projects in order to effectively support the advancement of HPEs.
HPEs have long remained in a blind spot created by outdated laws and systems despite their notable expansion and
substantial economic and social contributions, but with the conglomerate-centered global economic paradigm phasing out,
HPEs are receiving growing attention as a new driving force of Korea’s economic growth.

The AHPEK as the pacemaker of High Potential Enterprises will put forth its greatest efforts in fostering ∙ developing HPEs,
which are the foundation for Korea’s new leap forward and sustainable economic growth.

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